The Palestinian Forum in Britain (PFB) is hosting the ‘8th Annual Palestine Day’, in Manchester and London. The leading speakers are advocates of terrorism.

Kasim Hafeez, co-Director of British Israel Coalition, stated: “The Palestinian Forum in Britain, widely considered to be part of Hamas’ UK network, has long worked to exploit churches, mosques and other political and religious institutions.

It is imperative that anyone who supports liberal values, regardless of political or religious affiliation, works to stop these groups from spreading their message of violence and hate. We cannot fear these supremacists, and we must not shy away from challenging them. We will continue to work against them proactively and aggressively, and with the efforts of our grassroots sister organisation, the British Israel Coalition, we will succeed.”

The Palestinian Forum’s own site says “The Forum maintains the following principles: Palestine with its historic borders is an Arab Islamic land.” In April the group hosted a celebration for convicted Hamas collaborator Sheikh Raed Salah.

Under pressure from community groups, The Palestinian Forum has removed only the most outrageously extreme speakers from its platform. The goal of the event remains commiteed to terrorism and hate.

The event is scheduled to be held at King’s Church, a contemporary Christian Church.

What kind of church hosts a group that celebrates terrorism?

ACT NOW FOR ISRAEL by sending a strong message directly to Pastor Richard Anniss with your outrage that his church building is hosting hate and terrorism.

Write your own letter or copy the one here and email it to:

Dear Pastor Anniss,
King’s Church has an obligation to uphold the values of love and peace that it supposedly preaches. Yet, your church building is scheduled to host the Palestinian Forum in Britain – a group which supports terrorism and hate.

King’s Church must refuse to host this event.

Your Name

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