Israeli soldiers from the Givati brigade seen at the entrance to a terror tunnel. (Photo: IDF Spokesperson/FLASH90 IDF soldiers at entrance to terror tunnel. (Photo: IDF Spokesperson/FLASH90)


Photographs taken by photographer Jack Guez show tunnels dug by Hamas from Gaza into Israel. IDF troops are still occupied with uncovering and destroying more tunnels. “Every day of combat allows us to inflict greater damage on this infrastructure,” says an IDF spokesperson.

“Underground Gaza – An insider’s look at the enormous strategic threat posed by Gaza: A series of photos captured by photographer Jack Guez on Friday reveal a tunnel dug from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, exiting near a community. The photographs illustrates the threat in full force – the tunnels are professionally constructed, some reinforced with cement, equipped with rail tracks, power cables and a communications system. Hamas has invested a fortune in building the tunnels meant for terrorist attacks.”

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