Over forty Rabbis took a special tour of the Shomron – the Israeli biblical heartland of Samaria.

“We came to Samaria to represent hundreds of rabbis from all over the country and to strengthen and support the Israeli settlement in Samaria,” the rabbis wrote in a press release after the tour. “We felt that it is appropriate, especially after the terrible murders in Itamar and in Joseph’s Tomb. We came to show support and found ourselves getting strenghthened because of the courage, bravery, and
sense of righteousness of the residents of Samaria.”

The tour took place as part of the Samaria Regional Council and Samaria Residents Council’s “see for yourself” tours program, which began more than a year ago as part of an outreach program aimed at making Israeli and international journalists, politicians and other opinion-shapers, many of whom are politically left-wing, less hostile to Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Among those to take part in the tours so far are former Justice Minister Professor Daniel Friedman, the staff of Yediot Acharonot, Walla and Ha’aretz, and popular broadcaster Avri Gilad.

“These tours are acutely necessary for the future of the settlement of the land,” said Yossi Dagan of the Shomron Residents Committee. “The foremost enemy of settlement is ignorance. Many reporters and politicians who express their views about us have never visited here, and are easily affected by the influence of the extreme leftist movements. We are delighted that touring the Shomron has become a new trend, with tours being booked two-and-a-half months in advance. If the people of Israel come to visit, the Shomron will become five or six times more strong and beautiful than it already is.”

Source: www.israelnationalnews.com