Israeli communities bordering the Gaza Strip are among the most deprived and troubled in the country. The region has suffered from neglect, and the constant threat of violence and conflict just around the corner. Too many young people bear the economic, social and psychological scars of the situation. The result is a generation of young people who are in danger of being left on the margins of society.

However, a unique project is giving local youth a real sense of purpose and ambition. Kerem Hamitzvot (Meaning the “Vineyard of Good Deeds”) is paving a positive path for young people who would otherwise have little direction. It is allowing them to transform their lives from despair to hope.

Every year Kerem Hamitzvot, situated in Moshav Tekuma, brings hundreds of young people to its fields and vineyard. They have few productive outlets for their energy and free time. Many have already found themselves on the wrong side of the law. These young people find a strong sense of purpose by learning about, understanding and ultimately working the land.

At-Risk Youth Helping Themselves and Their Community

Earning money for their efforts, they experience a sense of achievement for the first time in their lives, which proves to be transformative. This gives them every chance to become productive young adults, and leaders who can bring lasting and positive change to their communities.
Meanwhile, the sale of the produce at Kerem Hamitzvot directly helps provide food baskets for poor families in the region. It means that young people who once saw themselves as dependent, suddenly find themselves in the position of helping others.

Supporters across the World Make their Mark on Israel

Our supporters quite literally have a stake in the project, and the Land of Israel. Each vine in the vineyard is personally sponsored by a project supporter and named after them. They become responsible for the upkeep of each and every vine. Supporters visit Kerem Hamitzvot, view their vine and meet the young people who tend to it. This special relationship creates a powerful connection to the Land of Israel and the unique Torah commandments connected with it.

Impacting the Local Community

If you want to know more about the impact being made by Kerem Hamitzvot, simply ask the people who know best – The project works hand-in-hand with local schools, welfare services and the police force. Time and again, these institutions praise the difference that Kerem Hamitzvot is making to so many lives. They hope that one day, the project will be able to integrate more young people, allowing further lives to be transformed.

With your help, this dream can become a reality. Kerem Hamitzvot is already making a real difference. Are you ready to transform more lives? Are you ready to boost the future of Israeli communities which need help the most?

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