Annika Hernroth organized Sweden’s most significant pro-Israel event in recent history.

Annika explains her motivation for the event:

“I organized this rally because I thought it was about time that we Zionists stood up and were proud. I wanted to change the narrative on Israel in Sweden and show everyone that Israel is the regions only democracy. It is a country that respects human rights and does wonders for the world with its innovation and culture.”

Annika notes “I wanted, as a Jewish woman in Sweden, to show my pride and inspire others to do the same. My goal was to give a sense of unity and to be active, not reactive. To celebrate and stand FOR Israel, not against anything or anyone else.”

The event was very successful. “It was a great success. There were 1200 people at the rally, people from different parts of the world, of different faiths and political arenas. We showed unity and love and reflected Israel in a beautiful way. It was peaceful and beautiful and a very happy day. We had speeches, Israeli music and people were dancing and singing the Hatikvah in Sweden’s biggest meeting place. It was absolutely beautiful.”

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