Welcome to Tasigli! Israeli products for Israelis (and everyone else) abroad.

It is our great pleasure to introduce you to Tasigli. In Hebrew, “Tasigli” means “please get for me”. Tasigli is an Israeli personal shopping agency, serving global customers looking to locate and purchase unique, high quality and even simple Israeli products.

True Israeli Entrepreneurs: The Beginning

Tasigli was founded in 2012 by Jonathan Yuval and Ben Grinberg, two friends who are still serving as high ranking officers in the IDF reserve forces.


“We travel the world on business, and often find ourselves carrying loads of Israeli goods for our friends and family around the world” says Jonathan. “We love our friends and family abroad, but sometimes it’s just too heavy to carry, the flight operator’s rules became strict and it’s not that simple to take heavy loads on board anymore. I knew I had to find a solution.”

“So we decided to create a simple shopping list and spread it among our global friends, asking for feedback to the simple question: what would you like to get from Israel and can’t find it close by?”

Overcoming Obstacles: From Plan to Execution

In addition, we had to find a good answer to the main concern by people abroad: shipping fees and logistics hassle. That was a major issue – but we cracked it.

“The response was overwhelming” says Ben, “we immediately got many orders for a large variety of products. And, in addition, the rumor spread like fire. When we got to the second and third circles of acquaintance, and people asked if they can pay by credit cards or paypal, we realized how big the need is and that, if we want to dive into it, we have to build a robust e-commerce website.”

Since then we launched a new bi-lingual website: www.tasigli.com, enabling our customers to build a diverse shopping list based on our beloved “land of milk & honey” great products like Tahini sauce, Spices, Coffee, Kosher Wines, olive oil, boutique cheese, books, music, games, kosher baby food, over the counter drugs and many more, all at sane prices.

We negotiated and managed to lower the shipping costs by over 50%, and for some orders we even provide free shipping, all the way to our customer’s doorstep – a true door to door service.

We put our customers first in our minds, as we understand the feeling of receiving a big package, full of goods from home! The feedback speaks for itself.

We take special pleasure reading the comments after our customers find the small gift we add to every package.

Going Global: A Win-Win Situation

“We always learn and try to improve” says Jonathan. “Tasigli is a global service. We want every Israeli, Jew and Israel supporter to be able to order and receive the package, fast, easy and in a friendly manner, EVERYWHERE in the world.”

We’ve delivered parcels from New Zealand and Australia to the Philippines, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan, all the way through Europe to the Americas.”

We truly believe that besides serving our friends abroad, we support Israeli industry by exporting goods and introducing our best of breed products to new markets.

Our pride and joy is our dynamic request list – we encourage our customers to ask for products not listed online, we will then locate it and add it to our web site to the benefit of our global community.

We strive to provide the best service; we are open for your questions, feedback and requests.

Visit Tasigli on the web at www.tasigli.com.