An old Tel Aviv neighborhood now being gentrified has become the unlikely heart of Israel’s burgeoning alternative fashion industry.

It’s one of Tel Aviv’s oldest neighborhoods, but now Gan Hahashmal — the Electric Garden — so called for being Israel’s first neighborhood to house a power plant, is famous for its alternative fashion boutiques.

“There’s an atmosphere of creativity in the neighborhood,” says Idit Barak, owner of Delicatessen Boutique “There are some artists’ studios and fashion. It’s not like Dizengoff [Boulevard] where the boutiques are glued back to back. There’s a nice mix. Here it’s more like a stroll in the city and you find all kinds of little places.”

Gan Hahashmal is a prime place to view Bauhaus style buildings, many of them currently being renovated, along with an eclectic mix of trendy stores, cafes, hardware stores and shoemakers — even a medical supply warehouse.

“I choose to work here because it’s an interesting place, a place that stimulates inspiration,” says jewelry designer Hagar Satat (

Video Source: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs


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