A Shin Bet report declares that there has been a significant increase in terror attacks orchestrated by Palestinian Arabs in Jerusalem, as well as Judea and Samaria. In December, 111 terror attacks were reported, while in November, when Operation Pillar of Defense occurred, 166 terror attacks took place. By comparison, last October, there were 70 terror attacks; in September, there were 67, and only 28 in August. The incidents in December included 98 Molotov cocktail attacks (29 of which in Jerusalem), six bombings, three grenade attacks, two light arms shootings and a stabbing. The Shin Bet report does not mention the numerous instances of Palestinian rioting, in which 20 Israelis were wounded.

And it appears that the situation is not quieting down this month. This week, Arabs severely beat up a 69-year-old taxi driver, stole his car, and left him bleeding by the side of the road in Neveh Tzouf, in the Benyamin region north of Jerusalem. According to the taxi driver, when the three Arab men got into his cab, they kicked him out of the driver’s seat and sped away very fast, while constantly physically assaulting him. He was stranded in the cold in Judea and Samaria, until the Israeli police discovered him. He required medical treatment due to numerous bruises to his head and chest.

While IDF officers serving in the Judea and Samaria division claim that there are still no signs of an imminent Third Intifada, this does not mean that the situation has not deteriorated. The IDF has also taken many actions in order to prevent terror attacks before they happen. The number of Palestinian terrorists being arrested by the Shin Bet and IDF in Judea and Samaria has increased. Last month, due to urgent intelligence, Israeli security forces made several arrests in broad daylight inside Palestinian areas of Judea and Samaria. These arrests were followed by violent clashes between Israeli security forces and Palestinian terrorists.

A major reason for the rise in the level of violence is Palestinian incitement. Recently, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas stated that the Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini was a great man whose ways should be emulated by all Palestinian Arabs. He stated this despite the fact that the Mufti Haj Amin Al Husseini was a war criminal, an ally of Adolph Hitler, who recruited 20,000 Muslim volunteers for the SS who ended up massacring Jews during the Holocaust in Croatia and Hungary.

The Mufti had an agreement with Hitler—the Nazis would murder the Jews of Europe, while the Mufti would slaughter the Jews of the Middle East. Indeed, it was the Mufti who incited the Kristallnacht style Farhud pogrom in Iraq, which resulted in the murder of almost 200 Jews. Over 2,000 Jews were also wounded, around 1,000 Jewish shops and homes were torched, and a synagogue with its Torah scrolls was burnt to the ground. Countless Iraqi Jewish women were raped. All of this does not even include the terror attacks that the Mufti orchestrated against the Jews of Israel.

When the Palestinians have a leader who praises war criminals and who wrote his PHD thesis on how the World Zionist Organization, not the Nazis, was responsible for the Holocaust; when Palestinian children are taught in school to admire Palestinian suicide bombers instead of how to love life; and when the Palestinian media constantly portrays Jewish people in an inhumane anti-semitic manner, one can hardly wonder why there is presently no peace in the Holy Land and terror attacks are on the rise in Judea and Samaria, as well as in Jerusalem.

By Rachel Avraham