Hamas terrorists march in a parade in Gaza. (AP) (AP)
Hamas terrorists


A new account opened by Hamas on Twitter, after previous accounts were shut down, was terminated as well in an attempt to fight the spread of Islamic terror on social media.

Twitter shut down a new account used by the Hamas terrorist organization on Friday, sparking outrage and condemnation from from the terrorist organization’s military wing, the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

The account belonged to the Brigade’s spokesperson, Abu Ubaida, who opened it following the closure of their Arabic, English and Hebrew language accounts back in February.

“Twitter chose to side with the Occupation, which refutes its claims of honesty and impartiality.” stated Abu Ubaida on Saturday.

“We condemn the use of Twitter to promote terrorism, and the Twitter rules make it clear that this type of behavior, or any violent threat, is not permitted on our service,” Twitter wrote in a February statement.

Twitter had previously shut down the Al-Qassam Arabic and English-language accounts, following “pressure exerted by Zionist groups,” said the former manager of the Al-Qassam account in a statement on the terror group’s website.

The moves against Hamas comes amid Twitter’s ongoing campaign against the spread of Islamic extremism, during which approximately 125,000 accounts linked to terrorists have been suspended since mid-2015, the social media platform stated on its website.

Hamas and its military wing are both designated as illegal terrorist groups by Israel, the European Union and the United States.

By: Michael Zeff, TPS