Looking for a meaningful and beautiful gift idea? Do you love Israel? Then try Israeli Jewels’ handcrafted, designer, made-in-Israel jewelry! Each treasure’s theme is a special place in Israel featuring the beauty found there. Israeli Jewels make stunning gifts that translate Israel’s enchanting essence into jewelry that can be worn every day!

Top Three Suggestions – Here are some ideas to help you choose the best gifts:


1. Joy of Galilee Ring- Our top selling item, this sterling silver ring has character, charm, and elegance. It’s the perfect blend of traditional styling with a modern twist. The colored gemstones of this ring capture the natural elements that make Israel’s Galilee region so beautiful.

These exquisite earrings get their name from Zion Gate, the southern gate leading into the Old City of Jerusalem. Their royal blue Sodalite gemstones are encased in pure .999 silver, polished for extra luster and shine.

Show someone you love them with this stunning necklace, which includes stones ranging from orange to a reddish brown that reflect the beauty of a golden sunrise on Mount Masada. The necklace serves as a reminder of the faith and determination demonstrated at Masada during Roman rule.

We hope this was helpful – enjoy choosing your gift!

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