Now that 2013 has passed, let’s reflect back upon the year and review the 10 most read stories on the United with Israel website. Some were quite understandably popular, while others were a bit of a surprise to be on the list.

We are honored to keep you updated on the latest news and to keep you connected daily to the People, Country and Land of Israel. We can only guess what the “Top 10” will look like for 2014. Let’s hope they are all good news for Israel!

1. Large Explosion Sabotages Iranian Nuclear Site


Iran’s underground Fordow Facility, home to at least 2,700 centrifuges for nuclear enrichment and considered Iran’s second largest nuclear facility, experienced a massive explosion felt as far as three miles away.



2. World War Z: New Film Highlights Israel’s Strengths

Hollywood blockbuster portrays Israel as a shining example, dedicated to safety, security, and helping other nations in need.





3. Archaeologists Discover King David’s Palace


Israeli archaeologists uncover one of King David’s palaces, contributing to proof of a central Judean authority during that period.





4. Palestinians Wave Nazi Flag over Mosque


In a move that has outraged Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria, a Nazi flag was waved over a mosque near Hebron.





5. Muslim Heroes Saved Jews During the Holocaust


Today’s news is filled with stories of conflict, many of them focused on Israel and its Jewish and Muslim populations. There were many Muslims who bravely saved Jewish lives during the Holocaust, and it is important to tell these stories.




6. Israel Trained Boston Hospital to Respond to Terror


Massachusetts General Hospital’s response to the Boston Marathon Terror attack was aided by training received from Israel.




7. Syria: Israel Will Be Attacked if the US Intervenes


Responding to the prospect of U.S.-led military intervention, Syria threatens a retaliatory attack on Israel through a coalition including Iran, Iraq, and Lebanon.





8. Israeli Scientist Discovers Treatment to Save Bee Colonies


Colony Collapse Disorder, a virus spreading within the bee population, has caused $35 billion worth of damage in the US alone. An Israeli professor working alongside an Israeli start-up has discovered a treatment for bees affected by this destructive virus.





9. Jewish Women’s Suffering During the Holocaust


The Jewish people suffered immensely during the Holocaust. However, according to the United States Holocaust Museum, Jewish women were especially vulnerable to Nazi oppression.





10. Archaeologists Find Evidence of Israelite Tabernacle


Archaeologists say they have discovered evidence of what may be biblical Shiloh and the resting place of the ancient Israelite Tabernacle, which held the Ark of the Covenant.