United with Israel has become the fastest-growing pro-Israel Facebook page on the web. In less than 3 months they have grown from under 20,000 to almost 120,000 fans. Israel supporters from all over the world are flocking to join United with Israel. Thousands of people across the globe interact with the page daily.

As Israel tops world news on a regular basis, supporters of Israel from all faiths are attracted to this grass-roots organization that promotes global unity with the people of Israel. United with Israel shows how Israel is a blessing to the world and why it’s important to be an active supporter. They recently launched a new website ( that provides a comfortable place for supporters to connect with Israel in a meaningful way – and share this passion with their friends.

“Connecting with Israel is not a fad, like many of the popular sites on Facebook”, says Michael Gerbitz, founder of United with Israel. “It is very real and very deep-rooted. Using Facebook as a means to build a large, active pro-Israel community is social media at its best – ‘loving Israel’ is truly viral.”

Gerbitz proclaims that “our immediate goal is to gain 1 million members from around the world who are proud to stand United with Israel. And that’s just the beginning…”

You can visit United with Israel’s Facebook page at:

United with Israel’s Mission Statement:
United with Israel is a grass-roots organization, deeply committed to the success and prosperity of Israel. Our mission is to foster global unity with the People, Country and Land of Israel and to demonstrate how Israel is a great source of blessing to the world. By distributing timely information, promoting pro-Israel advocacy and introducing cause-driven Israeli products that support vital charities in Israel, we strive to broaden the worldwide network of Israel supporters and promote the urgency and privilege of standing United with Israel.