An Israeli company had discovered a way to to recycle waste and turn it into envelopes, newsprint, plastic components, and even bio-fuel.

Applied Cleantech developed a technology which take the waste from sewers – including food waste, clothing fibers, and toilet paper – separates and breaks down the solids into their basic elements, and then reconstructs them as raw material which can be used for consumer and industrial products. The company was first established in 2007 with the sole objective of producing bio-fuels from waste, but, overtime, the company’s staff discovered that this unique method could be used to manufacture as well. CEO Refael Aharon calls this development a “revolution” which transforms something thought to be useless into a resource.

Included among the materials processed by the company’s Sewage Recycling System (SRS) are food waste, clothing fibers and, of course, toilet paper. Until the SRS was developed, said Aharon, recycling these materials was time-consuming and costly. Using Cleantech’s system, the cost of recycling solid waste drops by about half, according to Aharon.

The unique process of the Sewage Recycling System (SRS) used by the company produces an artificial form of cellulose, called Recycllose, which can be used to manufacture plastic, paper pulp, combustible pellets to replace wood (for use in fireplaces, furnaces, etc.), and even feedstock for cellulosic ethanol fuel production. All materials are completely disinfected.

The SRS system has already been installed in many Israeli and US cities and the company is planning to expand to Europe in the coming months.

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