Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction is seeking money from Iran so they can further their plans to launch terror attacks and ultimately destroy Israel.

Take a tour of a Gaza terror tunnel and see how Fatah’s military wing boasts how a 3.5 kilometer tunnel extends directly into Israel and is ready for large scale terror attacks against civilians.

The only thing stopping them from building more tunnels is – MONEY…

That’s why Fatah has turned to Iran, asking for money to help destroy the “Zionist entity.” If the nuclear deal is approved, the terrorists will receive a jackpot from Iran. Watch below…

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The US Congress must ensure that sanctions against Iran remain in force until the nuclear threat is completely eliminated.

I strongly oppose easing sanctions before the nuclear threat from Iran has been eliminated. Allowing Iran to enrich uranium without being subject to 'anytime, anywhere' inspections is extremely dangerous and unacceptable. Iran's nuclear program must be stopped.

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