Muslims on the Jewish Temple Mount compound. (Sliman Khader/Flash90) Sliman Khader/Flash90
Muslims on the Jewish Temple Mount


“The Jewish Temple never existed,” claims this so-called expert in the latest example of Palestinian revisionist history that ignores basic facts.

Director of the Land Research Center Jamal Al-Amleh recently commented on the Palestinian Authority’s official television channel, “It is known that [the Jews] have nothing in Jerusalem and Hebron. All archaeological excavations–even the Jewish archaeologists themselves–have proven that there is no existence…of the Temple on the mountain where the Al-Aqsa Mosque is built.”

If Al-Amleh weren’t the head of a “research center,” his statements could be written off as the unhinged ranting of an ignoramus unaware of basic facts, authenticated evidence, and thousands of years of documented history.

However, Al-Amleh claims to be an expert, which means his shameful statements represent disgusting lies intended to engender hatred among Palestinians for Jews and their rich history in the Holy Land, which predates by millennia the invention of the “Palestinian” nation.