The Jewish holidays are very unique and special days of the year. They are not merely commemorations of past events, rather, they are celebrations in which we can truly experience the ideas the holidays represent. For example, the holiday of Passover is not just about remembering that G-d took us out of Egypt, it is a time in which we are capable of actually experiencing true freedom.

The Jewish date always begins at sundown of the night before. Therefore, all holidays start in the evening of the previous English date listed.

Dates of the Jewish Holidays in 2014 in the Diaspora

Tu Bishvat
The fifteenth of the month of Shvat
Thursday, January 16

Sunday, March 16

Tuesday, April 15 –Tuesday, April 22

Lag Baomer
Sunday, May 18

Wednesday, June 4-Thursday, June 5

Rosh Hashana
Thursday, September 25-Friday, September 26

Yom Kippur
Saturday, October 4

Thursday, October 9-Wednesday, October 15

Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah
Thursday, October 16-Friday, October 17

Wednesday, December 17-Wednesday December 24

Happy Holidays!