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IDF Special Needs Soldiers

The autistic young men and women can sit for hours in front of electronic maps spotting the minutest changes. This rare ability eludes most non-autistic soldiers.

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shi p tel aviv 2

This video presents the last 100 years of the history of Israel, told through fascinating photographs, in less than three minutes.

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Join the Israel Defense Forces at the Western Wall in the Holy City of Jerusalem in sing Israel's national anthem Hatikvah which means 'The Hope'.

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The Air Mule Vertical Takeoff and Landing transport vehicle, developed by Israel’s Tactical Robotics, recently finished its first fully automatic test flights. This could be a game changer for air-lifting patients in medical emergencies.

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sarajevo haggadah

The Sarajevo Haggadah endured the Spanish Inquisition, the Holocaust, and more recently, the Bosnian-Serb conflict despite numerous threats to its very existence - a story that continues to inspire Jews, Christians, and Muslims around the globe.

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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. possessed a remarkable clarity of vision and purpose. He complemented these attributes with a sound, empathic understanding of the history of human oppression. Dr. King’s unequivocal renunciation of anti-Zionism reflected his consistent, courageous opposition to all manifestations of bigotry. Against the backdrop of resurgent Jew hatred worldwide, epitomized by the... Read more »

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chanukah video

Get in the spirit of Chanukah, and watch this fascinating overview of the history and meaning of the holiday!

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Watch Israel's Economics Minister Bennett tell the world said that Iran must be stopped from acquiring nuclear weapons at all costs. "The deal we need will remove Iran's ability to manufacture nuclear weapons. Iran has over 18,000 centrifuges, and we must dismantle them.”

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Take a trip to the heart of Israel you'll see the restoration of an ancient tradition of the Jewish People where thousands of people from all nations of the world voyage to Jerusalem to celebrate the Sukkot Festival (Feast of Tabernacles).

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The "Shofar", made from the horn of a ram or other kosher animal, is traditionally blown as part of the prayer service of Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year), which is almost upon us. Its' blowing is certainly the highlight of the day, inspiring Jews all over the world to heed its' inspiring calls and return to God, the King of Kings.

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Spanish Soccer Team FC Barcelona visited Israel in order to promote athletics as a bridge for co-existence between Palestinians and Israelis.

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American athletes

Israel is hosting this years Maccabiah Games in Jerusalem, bringing over 9,500 athletes from all over the world to the Holy Land.

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The Temple Institute is an organization which works to create the vessels that will be used in the Third and Final Holy Temple. The vessels are made according to the Torah and Jewish Law with the correct measurements, and are fit for service in the Holy Temple when it is rebuilt… Please SHARE with your... Read more »

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eye on zion1

The 9th of Av has historically been a tragic day for the Jewish people. However, this day will ultimately become a day of joy and celebration. In the following video Yishai Fleisher explores the origin and meaning of the 9th of Av in this original short film. He emphasizes the special hope for the future... Read more »

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In response to the 1500 rockets that exploded in Israel during the recent war with Hamas, United with Israel ran a successful campaign whose goal was to plant 1500 fruit trees in southern Israel. Due to the overwhelming response, the tree count has now exceeded 2000 and growing every day. The fruit trees have been distributed so far among six different communities in the south..

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support southern israel

Watch the video of United with Israel's solidarity trip to southern Israel, to install bomb shelters for kindergarten children and plant fruit tree orchards donated by supporters from around the world

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