Israel’s U.N. Ambassador Gilad Erdan wears a yellow Star of David that reads "Never Again" in honor of those killed in the unprecedented attack by Hamas, which triggered an ongoing war, as he addresses members of the U.N. Security Council at United Nations headquarters Monday, Oct. 30, 2023. (AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez) (AP Photo/Eduardo Munoz Alvarez)
Gilad Erdan, Yellow Star


The passage of the UNSC resolution calling for a ceasefire without expressing a connection to the release of the Israeli hostages was met with harsh criticism from US and Israeli officials.

The Israeli ambassador to the UN Gilad Erdan read a previous resolution that the UN passed concerning the Boko Haram kidnapping in Nigeria, which called for the immediate and unconditional release of the hostages.

He then accused the UN of acting like ‘Israeli blood is cheap,’ asking if the baby Kfir Bibas’ life is worth less because he is Israeli.

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