Welcome to United with Israel!

Founded in 2011, United with Israel (UWI) is proud to have grown to become the world’s largest pro-Israel community, with nearly 10 million followers in over 170 countries. We transform passive Israel supporters into global activists, sharing impactful, pro-Israel messages and calls-to-action throughout the world.

UWI delivers content via its website, social media, phone apps, browser apps, emails, newsletters and more – bypassing the mainstream media and its anti-Israel bias.

United with Israel uses its grassroots power to raise vital funds for a variety of charities that benefit Israelis in need.

Our Goals:

– To publicly defend the truth about Israel and promote and advocate for the people, country and land of Israel, fighting media bias, BDS and online incitement.
– To expand and mobilize a massive global network of Israel supporters and activists.
– To share the miracles of Israel and demonstrate how Israel is a great blessing to the world in the areas of technology, medical advances, agriculture and so much more.
– To foster the development of strong connections between the citizens of Israel and people who live in communities around the world.
– To support vital on-the-ground projects that benefit the citizens of Israel.

We Need YOU!

Now more than ever, Israel needs friends and supporters around the world. To stand United with Israel during these critical times. To affirm that throughout history, Israel has been a great blessing to the world and only those who blessed Israel were themselves blessed (Genesis 12:3) . And those who sought to destroy Israel are no more.

Please join us in promoting global unity with the People, Country and Land of Israel!