The Israel Police and Ben-Gurion University launch research center to fight crime; Volkswagen’s Barcelona subsidiary SEAT integrates in-car driver monitoring systems from Israel’s eyeSight Mobile Technologies; Israel’s Saturas develops sensors that are planted in the trunks of trees, and vines, fiving accurate hydration status reports that enable farmers to optimize irrigation, and much more.

Israeli company develops fast method for testing food for dangerous bacteria; A new app synchronizes a user’s music playlists with their friend’s favorites, allowing for the instant sharing of music; Israel’s Foresight develops system that constructs and analyzes a 3D image in order to foresee possible road collisions, and much more.

A professor wins top Israeli award; the biennial International HLS & Cyber Conference in Tel Aviv featured the top Israeli security and cybersecurity companies; Israel’s Elbit Systems presented its new Emergency Scenarios Virtual Reality Trainer at the Homeland Security and Cyber Conference in Tel Aviv, and much more.

CNN has written about three Israeli Innovations that will revolutionize the planet; Want a phone-free family meal, or just a break from constantly checking messages and emails? Purchase an Israeli Pause, and much more.

A sensor and smartphone app from Israel’s 2breath helps users fall asleep and tracks their sleeping patterns; Intel has inaugurated its $6 billion next-generation chip production line at its Kiryat Gat facility in Israel, and much more.