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Mission to Mars

Six Israeli astronauts will experience Martian conditions; an “easy peeler” mandarin that repels Mediterranean fruit flies; IBM inaugurates a new cybersecurity laboratory in Be’er Sheva – its largest outside of the US, and much more.


Simulating Mars in the Negev desert

A specialized structure simulating the Red Planet Mars’s unique environment is currently being built near Mitzpe Ramon in Israel’s Negev desert. Six Israeli astronauts will experience Martian conditions, communicating to the Rehovot control center via Israel’s AMOS 7 satellite.


No flies on Orri Jaffa mandarins

Israel’s Plant Production and Marketing Board (PPMB) has announced the launch of Orri Jaffa, an “easy peeler” mandarin, fully protected using biological controls. To repel Mediterranean fruit flies (Medflies) Orri Jaffa farmers use natural baits and sterile insects to reduce fly populations.



IBM sets up its largest lab outside US

Multinational IBM has inaugurated a new cybersecurity laboratory in Beer Sheva – its largest outside of the United States. The lab will focus on researching systems to detect insider threats – one of the biggest current causes of data security breaches.


A pen for dyslexics

I’ve reported previously (see here) about Israeli help for dyslexics. Now Israeli startup Wizcomtech has developed a reading pen that scans text and breaks words down into syllables using a digital voice. It then gives synonyms for the words to aid understanding and remembering.

An alternative to GPS

Israeli startup Hoopo has developed a geolocation estimation algorithm as an alternative to GPS. It uses low-power wide-area (LPWA) network data transmissions to generate a precise location. Hoopo has just received $1.5 million of funding.



Spirit of creativity

A short video showing just some of the technological innovations with which Israel is changing the world.


Making the physical world searchable

I reported previously (Sep 2013) about four Israeli startups providing indoor GPS-like location services. Now Israel’s Oriient provides visitors to megastores, malls, offices, hospitals and universities with better accessibility. No additional hardware needs to be installed.

CyberTech 2018 opens in Tel Aviv

Israel’s CyberTech conference (29-31 Jan) is the most significant gathering in the industry outside the United States. The 3-day event brought 15,000 attendees, 170 speakers and 120 companies to discuss challenges facing the cyber industry.

Building miniature satellites

Tel Aviv University has launched a new space exploration center focused on constructing 4-inch cube-sized satellites. A team of engineers will build the “CubeSats” in collaboration with university researchers. Costs are around $500k each compared to tens of millions for the current large satellites.


Predicting car crashes

I reported previously (16th July) on one Israeli system that can predict and prevent car crashes. Now scientists at Bar Ilan University has also developed artificial intelligence-based crash prediction software using 13 years of car accident data. The technology will soon be tested by Israel’s traffic police.


Construction begins on Israel’s most efficient power plant

Construction has begun of the 450-megawatt Israel Power Management (IPM) power plant at Be’er Tuvia. When complete in 2020, the natural gas-fueled plant will provide 3.5 % of Israel’s electricity at an efficiency rating of 60% – the highest in Israel.

Self-driving Cadillacs on Israeli roads

General Motors’ development center is carrying out trials on Israeli public roads of prototypes of Cadillacs with high-level autonomous driving systems. GM’s Super Cruise needs no driver intervention on high-speed roads, including overtaking, emergency braking, and moderate turns.

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