by: Michael Ordman


Remarkable Resilience

This video describes how Israel’s Ben Gurion University responded after the devastating events of Oct 7.  BGU and its students are helping the Negev recover and rebuild. From finance to students in the reserves and evacuees, to medical gear, clinics, and many vital cutting-edge innovations.

Picking fruit on Gaza border farms

Before Oct 7, farms near the Gaza border supplied 70 percent of Israel’s fresh produce as well as produce for export. Lack of staff threatens closure of the farms, but volunteers from Israel and overseas has ensured their survival. Grapefruit and clementines are two of the crops being harvested.


US approval for retinal imaging

The US FDA has approved the fully autonomous AI from Israel’s AEYE Health (see here previously) that diagnoses referable diabetic retinopathy from retinal images obtained by a handheld camera. Portable screening addresses the leading cause of blindness in the global working population.

How cancer manipulates the immune system

Researchers at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University are the first to analyze biopsies to discover how cancer cells prevent being destroyed by the immune system. As each patient is different, the results will help scientists develop personalized strategies for destroying tumors.

The world’s 10th best healthcare

Israel was ranked tenth in the latest edition of the CEOWORLD magazine Health Care Index. 110 countries were surveyed for infrastructure; professionals (doctors, nursing staff, and others); competencies; cost per capita; quality medicine availability, and government readiness.

Improving the use of Operating Rooms

Israel’s has developed an AI optimization platform for healthcare, starting with Operating Rooms. An empty OR carries a cost of $1,000 for each unused hour. is already used in the US and Israel and is working with leading Health Systems such as Mayo Clinic.

Integrated cancer research center

The Technion’s Rappaport Cancer Research Center under construction (see here previously) will house interdisciplinary researchers, computer scientists, doctors, data analysts, biotechnologists, chemical engineers, and more, working to develop treatments via discovery and education.

A new hospital for Beersheva

The Israeli has approved the establishment of a second hospital in the Negev city of Beersheva, The Peres Medical Center is expected to open in 2028 with 600 beds. It will reduce the strain on Beershava’s Soroka Medical Center. It will be operated by the Sheba Medical Center.

A new strategy for treating multiple myeloma

Israel’s UB-Therapeutics is developing a novel therapy for the treatment of multiple myeloma. Its proteasome degradation inhibitor is a cyclic peptide that directly targets the degradation pathway of the proteasome – overcoming cancer’s resistance to existing proteasome inhibitors.

Using plant cells to improve health

Israel’s BioHarvest Sciences (see here previously) is building an 80,000 square foot campus in Yavne, Israel to house all R&D functions and manufacturing facilities. BioHarvest uses plants to transform the medical, cosmetic, and nutrition industries.

Combining software and medicine

Israel’s Remepy is developing tailored therapeutic software for mobile applications. It aims to unlock and trigger brain functions that modulate the immune system and enhance traditional medication. The hybrid digital and physical therapy should optimize the effectiveness of treatments.



Using AI & RNA to deliver therapie (see here previously) presented to the delegates of Technion UK’s tour of Israel. CEO and co-founder Yogev Debbi explained Mana’s drug delivery development, exactly 7 months after moving to its new premises on Oct 8 when 25% of their staff started IDF reserve duty.




Druze US delegation highlights diversity

A delegation of Druze Israelis visited Miami, New York City and Washington, D.C. to refute misinformation that portrays Israel as an “apartheid” state and counter antisemitism on college campuses. They drew attention to the coexistence and contributions of Israeli minorities.

No disruption to Jewish-Arab sports program

Even during the war, Israeli non-profit “The Equalizer” (see here previously) continues to bring Jewish and Arab children together to play soccer, basketball, swimming and more. Since Oct 7, it has taken on thousands of kids displaced by war from the north and the south of Israel.

What Colombia will be losing

Colombia fights rebels and drug cartels using Israeli rifles and Kfir planes which only Israeli engineers can maintain. Israel also provides cyber-security to its banks, water systems to combat drought, hydroponics, new roads, natural pesticides, telecommunications, and electricity.


Israeli school wins international robot contest

Team Orbit 1690 from the ORT Atid Cramim Binyamina High School, has won the international robotics competition (known as FIRST) in Houston, Texas, beating 600 other teams from around the world.

Be aware, stay safe

Israel’s Cywareness trains employees to guard against cyber-attack. The sophisticated tool simulates realistic attempted security breaches of a company’s computers and emails. It tries to fool employees into providing passwords or loading malicious software. It provides learning experiences without actual risks.

Protection from Ransomware

Israel’s Morphisec (see here previously) has launched its Anti-Ransomware Assurance Suite. Its components automate the identification of high risks and misconfigurations, protect against infiltration, and use decoy strategies to defend critical assets, reduce recovery time and impact of any attack.

Removing CO2 from US lake

Israel’s BlueGreen Water Technologies (see here previously) removed algae from the Mantua Reservoir in Utah, USA, equating to nearly 13,000 tonnes of atmospheric CO2. It marked the world’s first-ever verified removal of CO2 by eradicating harmful algal blooms in freshwater.

Growing egg protein inside potatoes

Israel’s PoLoPo (see here previously) based on Kibbutz Gan Shlomo, is using molecular farming (creating useful proteins inside plants) to get potatoes to cultivate egg white protein. The aim is to help reduce the food shortage for an increasing world population.

Turning jellyfish into food protein

Gal Admati (see here previously) founded Qortein during his time as an evacuee in a Jerusalem hotel. This article describes how Qortein uses Tel Aviv University technology to turn jellyfish (a dangerous invasive species) into a protein source to help combat global food shortages.

Innovating for a water-starved planet

Recent article by author Paul Driessen that describes how Israel’s inspiration, innovation, perspiration, and technology can overcome climate challenges.

Digital metal casting. Israel’s Magnus Metals has reinvented the 6,000-year-old metal casting processed. Its volume alloy Digital Casting System and process saves months of time, 50% of costs, 70% of raw materials, and 50% of energy. It increases safety, simplicity, accuracy, and flexibility in the manufacture of alloys.

A revolution in publishing

Israel’s Spines is described as the world’s first comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) publishing platform. Its features include proofreading, formatting, cover design, eBooks, print-on-demand, royalty management and distribution over an extensive network of global channels.

Israeli apps for Yom HaShoah

Ahead of Yom Hashoah, Microsoft rolled out an AI platform for Zikaron Basalon events with survivors. Google’s Waze navigation app mapped 1,200 meeting locations across Israel. Meanwhile, Meta in Israel launched the “Sharing Memories” project (Ma’alim Zikaron in Hebrew).


Superfast investment

NFX is one of the world’s largest Venture Capital seed funds. It is to invest some of its $20 million emergency fund in cash-strapped Israeli startups. To avoid a long, drawn-out decision-making process, NFX promises to respond to requests within nine days and provide the cash within three weeks.

Deloitte launches 10 more startups

Ten Israeli startups have been selected for the 7th cohort of Deloitte’s LaunchPad mentoring program. They are CyabraClarity SecurityJuno JourneyLayerXLudeoOpmedPrompt, and Zoog. The 43 previous startups have raised over $1 billion in funds.

Better management of cash operations

Israel’s Panax develops an AI-driven cash flow management platform to help mid-market and large companies gain full visibility and control over their cash operations. AI-driven automation streamlines all treasury processes, consolidating data directly from banks and ERP systems.

EU grant for cultivated meat startup

Israel’s Profuse Technology (see here previously) was awarded a 2.4 million euro grant from the EU’s competitive Horizon EIC Transition program. Profuse will use the funds to refine its technology that speeds up the cultivation of non-animal meat.

Exits, takeovers and mergers – to 12/5/24:

Nvidia is to acquire Israel’s Deci for an estimated $300 million. Global private equity firm Permira is acquiring 60% of Israel’s BioCatch for around $750 million. Swiss-US Alcon is acquiring Israel’s Belkin Vision for up to $330 million; US-headquartered Akamai has acquired Israel’s Noname Security for $450 million. Israel’s Pango has acquired Israel’s Gett for $175 million.

Startup investment – to 12/5/24: Wiz raised $1 billionXtend raised $40 millionHoneycomb Insurance raised $36 millionLayerX raised $26 millionCynomi raised $20 raised $15 millionAISAP raised $13 millionPanax raised $10 millionFairgen raised $8 millionApex AI Security raised $7 millionToken Security raised $7 millionSpines raised $6.5 million;


Photojournalist at 100 has seen it all

At the National Library of Israel on Yom HaShoah, Dan Hadani, just 3 months from his100th birthday, told his story from survivor of the Lodz Ghetto and Auschwitz to his decades of photojournalism. He has submitted some 1.4 million images to the Library for digitization.

Lee Kern to make Aliyah

Oscar-nominated writer and comedian Lee Kern announced he will be moving to the Jewish State. He said, “Rationally she doesn’t stand a chance. But she’s also the world’s only Jewish country. And I’m a Jew.” Kern added that he was happy to make Aliyah, “Because I back winners.”

Rhythmic gymnasts win in Baku

At the 2024 Rhythmic Gymnastics European Cup in Baku, the Israel senior team won the gold medal in the All-around and the Hoops events. The Israeli Juniors team came top of the 23 competing countries, with individual gold medals in all 4 sets of apparatus.

Israeli Druze wins kickboxing gold

(From Feb 2024) Israeli Druze Yosef Takatuk (a.k.a Tktok) from Kfar Yarka won first place at the European Cup kickboxing competition (over 91kg) in Zagreb.

Karate champions

At the European Traditional Karate Federation Championship in Macedonia, Israelis won a total of 11 Gold medals, 3 Silver medals and 2 bronze medals.

Hostage’s karting brother wins in Slovakia

Go karter Guy Albag, brother of hostage Liri Albag won the CEE championship in Slovakia while fellow Israeli Yam Pinto finished third. Both went up to the podium honoring Liri.

Other medals

Israel’s junior climbers Or Mark won gold in the IFSC Youth European Cup in Graz, Austria. Elysaf Lanel won silver. Mountain bike rider Naama Noyman won silver in the Spanish Cup. Israel’s men’s curling team on won silver at the European Curling Championships C-Division.


It may not be a scam

If you are contacted by Israel’s Guardian General and Director of Inheritance Affairs to say you have a windfall, don’t automatically think it is a phishing scam.  Researchers working for the Israeli government are now busy tracing descendants of early Zionist investors, and you may be one of them!

Ancient cemetery – possibly Israelite

Archeologists have identified an Early Iron Age cemetery at Horvat Tevet in Israel’s Jezreel Valley dating from the monarchy of the biblical King David more than 3,000 years ago. They have not yet identified whether Hebrews or Canaanites were buried at the site.

Accurate historical dating

Researchers at Israel’s Bar-Ilan University have achieved a breakthrough in advanced radiocarbon dating techniques. It has enabled an “absolute chronology” of Jerusalem in the Iron Age, the time of the Kingdom of Judah and the First Temple. It confirms Biblical accounts of the city’s expansion.

Underwater excavations

Archeologists from the University of Haifa, Bar-Ilan University, and the University of California, have published their study of the underwater village of North Habonim, off the coast south of Haifa.  It shows continued ancient settlement during centuries of global climate cooling.

Summer for teens in Israel

The Alexander Muss High School has three unique summer programs. Teen Volunteer weeks (choice of 3 dates); Classic Israel (academic history & culture – 18 Jun – 31 Jul); Explore Israel (non-academic) for 11th & 12th graders (25 Jun – 31 Jul).

How to help Israel

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