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Hi tech

The Aliya Initiative trains new olim for high tech positions; Israeli technology fights phosphorus pollution in Brazil; Israel’s Ride Vision develops collision aversion technology, and more.

By: Michael Ordman


The Aliya Initiative – training for hi-tech jobs

The Aliya Initiative is a free, four-day workshop in Tel Aviv that provides Olim (immigrants) with the necessary skills to join the Israeli startup scene. The initiative of Israeli venture capital firm Aleph VC helps find work for immigrants, plus addresses the hi-tech skills shortage.


Reducing phosphorus pollution in Brazil

Trials prove that Rootella BR mycorrhizal inoculant from Israel’s Groundwork BioAg increases phosphorus absorption of crops, increases yield, reduces fertilizer wastage and its polluting runoff. Rootella BR has just been commercially registered in Brazil.

https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/rootella-br-becomes-first-mycorrhizal-inoculant-registered-for-commercial-use-in-brazil-300664053.html http://groundworkbioag.com/technology/what-is-mycorrhiza/

https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/rootella-br-becomes-first-mycorrhizal-inoculant-registered-for-commercial-use-in-brazil-300664053.html http://groundworkbioag.com/technology/what-is-mycorrhiza/

Saving motorcyclist lives

Motorcycle crash fatalities are nearly 28 times higher than for car crash occupants. Israel’s Ride Vision has developed collision aversion technology (CAT), giving any motorcyclist 360-degree predictive vision protection. Ride Vision has just raised $2.5 million of funds.

Number of advanced math students doubles

In just three years, Israel has doubled the number of advanced math students in Israeli high schools, particularly in the periphery. There are now 18,000 students studying math at the highest level – crucial for the future of the State of Israel as the Startup Nation.


A personal trainer in your ears

The VI wireless earphones from Israel’s VI Technologies provide you with a real-time fitness coach, biometrics (heart rate, SPO2 rate, speed and step rate) and premium sounding music in time with your step rate. The company, previously known as LifeBeam (see here), has just raised $20 million.

https://www.calcalistech.com/ctech/articles/0,7340,L-3740910,00.html   https://vitrainer.com/

Motivating you to practice

I’ve reported previously (see here) about Israel’s Tonara and its interactive app to help learn how to play and practice a musical instrument. In the latest version (360), the teacher can assign practice sessions of either time or musical pieces, after which the app uses algorithms to grade.


Powering telecom towers in Kenya

I reported recently (17th Jun) on Israel’s Gencell which makes fuel cell-based solutions to create emission-free electricity. Kenyan telecom company Adrian Group Kenya is installing Gencell’s fuel cells to replace the diesel generators powering 800 cell towers in rural Kenya.


Technion inaugurates satellite ground station

I reported previously (14th Jan) that Israel’s Technion Institute is aiming to launch 3 nanosatellites into orbit in late 2018. Israel’s Orbit Communications has just completed building the Technion’s Adelis ground station for monitoring these satellites. An excellent video.



Defending the Internet of Things

Israel’s NanoLock Security has unveiled what it markets as “the industry’s most comprehensive lightweight, unbreakable security and management platform purpose-built for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Connected Devices ecosystem”.  (The old NanoLock was renamed Nobio.)

https://www.nanolocksecurity.com/Solution   https://www.nobio.com/

Faster and faster

The InfiniBand systems from Israel’s Mellanox now support 43% of the World’s 500 fastest supercomputers including the top three.  The 216 include Astra, supporting the US Dept of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), and Summit – the fastest computer in the US.



Proving the Concept

I reported previously (Jan 2017) on Israel’s ProoV’s service that allow companies to perform Proof of Concept (PoV) testing on new technology. ProoV has now expanded its strategic partnership with Deloitte to become the testing arm of its Innovation Tech Terminal lab.



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