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University of California

A blatantly anti-Israel class at UC Berkeley has been reinstated after being temporarily suspended over the contents of the syllabus. Unfortunately, there is a pattern of anti-Semitism at UC Berkeley and we need your help to protest to the university.

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At 29, Peres served as director of Israel's Defense Ministry and helped arm Israel's military. He developed Israel's nuclear program, launched a political career stretching more than 60 years and became president at 83. He also focused on promoting Israeli innovation and technology.

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While Facebook has apparently committed to fighting online incitement, its so-called 'Community Standards' are ambiguous and do not prevent those who want to spread hate or incite to terror from doing so. Insist that Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook work harder to block incitement and hate!

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Israeli app museum

Nathalie Half founded Israeli startup Museloop when her children stopped joining her on her museum visits; The Dan bus company is to run five new entirely electric buses on its No.4 route in Tel Aviv, and much more.