This video explores the origin of the Palestinian people, challenging the Arab claim that they have lived in the Land of Israel since time immemorial.

This video provides a comprehensive understanding of why the relationship between the US and Israel is mutually beneficial for both countries, and why it is so important to maintain this relationship.

Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, addresses the UN debate on the Gaza War report and defends Israel while exposing Hamas. This man has it right - a must watch!

This beautiful video shows us a computer-generated representation of what the second Jewish Temple looked like when it was still standing in Jerusalem.

This video lets you experience the thrill of life through the eyes of an IDF soldier, parachuting from the sky, traversing gorgeous scenery and keeping Israel safe.

Israel is a tiny piece of land and the Jewish people are a tiny fraction of the world population. Why is Israel so prominent in the news? Why are Jews so newsworthy?

Each year, millions of people flock to Israel for rest, recreation, spirituality and pilgrimage. See what the Holy Land has to offer to tourists and residents alike.

This important video explores the origin of the name Palestine, reviewing the history and the purpose as to why there are people calling themselves Palestinians today.

Throughout history, the Jewish people have sought peace and safety, only to be expelled from one land after another. Finally, after many prayers and too much bloodshed, the Jewish people are returning home to Israel.

Rabbi David Aaron relates his experience of being interviewed in a panel by Larry King, speaking about divine judgement.

At a protest against Assad in Trafalgar Square, a man had the courage to stand up for Israel and confront hatred head-on. Orim Shimshon is neither Israeli nor Jewish, but he knows what Israel is all about.