A sniper’s bullet left a U.S. Marine paralyzed, but thanks to a modern-day miracle from Israeli company ReWalk, Captain Derek Herrera is walking again. 

While on patrol in Afghanistan, U.S. Marine Corps member Captain Derek Herrera was shot by a sniper. He survived the bullet but lost the use of both legs, leaving him paralyzed from the waist down and in a wheelchair. Well, they can’t give him his own legs back, but Israeli company ReWalk gave Herrera a robotic machine that uses electric motors to power his paralyzed limbs.

The result? See for yourselves!

Video Credit: The Boston Globe

Captain Herrera took part in a ceremony in California recently, where he was able to show off his ability to walk. He is a living, walking example of a true modern-day miracle!

Video Credit: Leak News

When you care so much about life, you do everything possible to make it better. Israel has brought so many incredible innovations to the world from providing a solution to world hunger to giving paralyzed people the ability to walk again. If only the world could see the good that Israel does and the truth behind the demonizing lies. We call upon the supporters of Israel to help us in our battle against terror. To begin with, please sign our petition to Stop Funding the Palestinian Authority. Why? Because the Palestinians do a lot of crying, gaining the world’s sympathy, but the world is ignorant when Palestinian leaders give messages like this: