Israel-based ReWalk Robotics Ltd. announced that its ReStore product will have a starting price in the United States of $28,900, though leasing options will be available. By JNS Israel’s ReWalk Robotics Ltd. is known for its exoskeleton that enables paraplegics to walk again, which recently received FDA clearance. While ReWalk’s “ReStore” product has a starting... Read more »

Researchers at Israel’s Technion Institute have developed a nanomedicine technology for the targeted treatment of gastric tumors; Israeli startup MDAlgorithms has built MDacne - the world’s first app to provide mobile acne analysis with customized treatment plans, and much more.

An Israeli company has developed the Discovery NM/CT 670 CZT system to perform faster, more accurate, safer and less intrusive SPECT/CT scans of the body; Israeli biotech Oramed has reported success in the Phase IIb study of its insulin capsule, and much more.

Tel Aviv University Professor Itzhak Fried has completed his study of how memory neurons behave in real time. These have important implications for understanding dementia such as Alzheimer’s, and an Israeli developed the world’s first search engine for information about hospitals.