A pro-Israel student group at Penn State created a video that exposes students’ sheer ignorance about Israel and the Middle East.

This video from Lions 4 Israel, a Penn State University Jewish student group, should generate serious concern.

Find out what students know – or, as it turns out, do not know – about world issues and, in particular, Israel and the Middle East.

Experience the ignorance about Israel on today’s college campus. We have lots of work to do…

University Campus – A Hotbed for Anti-Israel Sentiments

We’ve reported a number of times about the dire situation that students face at universities and colleges throughout North America and elsewhere. Students are given a false representation of Israel, claiming that the Jewish state practices apartheid, occupation and Arab persecution.

Students also have to contend with the bogus BDS movement that is just a front for anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism. The situation has led to fear and danger for Jewish students at those campuses who are unable to express their views or Jewish religious identity without fear of being attacked. A large reason for this is lack of education.