Since Israel’s Skylock disabled illegal drones at the London airport, everyone wants its technology; Irish Republic enlists Israelis to reduce pollution; Tel Aviv U makes biodegradable plastics; and much more.

By Michael Ordman


Now everyone wants Israeli anti-drone technology

Israel’s Skylock is another Israeli tech company that disables intruder drones by “jamming” them or disrupting their frequencies.  Skylock’s passive, selective and active solutions are operational in several countries. Since the Gatwick airport incident, enquiries have soared.

Irish Republic enlists Israelis to reduce pollution

The 2 million cows in Eire (Republic of Ireland) have polluted the land and water reservoirs. So, the Irish Government-backed Ireland Ag-tech Fund has funded Israel’s CropX to use its soil measurement system to identify where to place Eire’s cows to do least damage.

Biodegradable sustainable plastics

Tel Aviv University scientists have invented a process to make bioplastic polymers from bacteria that feed on seaweed. No need for oil, fresh water or land and there are no toxic waste products. The plastic is bio-degradable and can be recycled into organic waste. (see publication here)

Israeli imaging startup wins Chinese innovation award

Israeli startup Newsight Imaging won second place (and $72,000) at the 2018 Optics Valley of China International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. Newsight develops chips containing 3D imaging sensors for robotics, drones and the automotive industry.,7340,L-3752647,00.html

CES Las Vegas

22 Israeli companies will be officially exhibiting at CES 2019 (8-11 Jan) – the big technology expo in Las Vegas. Many more will be exhibiting in a personal capacity.

The first cell-grown minute steak

Israel’s Aleph Farms Ltd. has produced the first cell-grown minute steak. It is said to have the full experience of meat with the appearance, shape, and texture of beef cuts. Aleph Farms’ slaughter-free steak requires no pasture, water, feed, antibiotics or other resources to raise cattle for meat.