Tel Aviv will launch a pilot program testing City Transformer vehicles on the road; New online book includes 100 Israeli innovations that changed the world; Israeli app GalaPro provides smartphone users at all Broadway shows with subtitles in many languages, dubbing, and amplification services; and more!

By: Michael Ordman


Pilot project for foldable car

I reported previously (Dec 2013) on the Israeli-built City Transformer foldable car when it was just a concept. Now, the Tel Aviv municipality is to launch a pilot program next year that will see as many as 50 City Transformer vehicles being tested on the streets of Israel’s busiest city.

On-line book of 100 Israeli innovations

The Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry has just released the bilingual (English and Hebrew) online book “Israeli Innovations – Breakthrough Products that Changed the World”. It contains 100 success stories. Click on the following link and then on the left arrow.

Award for accessibility app

Israeli startup GalaPrompter has developed the app GalaPro, which provides smartphone users at all Broadway shows with subtitles in many languages, dubbing, and amplification services. GalaPro has just won a prestigious 2018 Sapolin Accessibility Award for Communication and Technology.

Olympiad medals for Israeli students

Israeli students continue to shine in International competitions. At the Physics Olympiad in Lisbon, Portugal, Israelis won two golds and three silvers.  At the Chemistry Olympiad in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Israelis won silver and bronze medals.

System to predict earthquakes

Israeli start-up SeismicAI uses sensors to detect small earthquakes and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict stronger ones. It also alerts management centers, for warning citizens and controlling traffic signals and critical infrastructure (e.g. power plants).

Saving Togo’s mango crops

I reported previously (10th Sep) that Israel’s BioFeed had developed a no-spray fruit-fly solution to protect mango crops in India. Now BioFeed’s FreeDome environmentally friendly pesticide has been deployed to defeat the two species of fruit fly currently decimating the mango crops in Togo.

10 Mass Challenge winners

MassChallenge Israel has accelerated over 100 companies since 2015.  In its latest event in Jerusalem, 10 entrepreneurs were selected to go to Boston to present their businesses for funding. They included Solutum (dissolving bags), MonitHer (see here), MyPart, QPower and Ziron Labs.

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