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WATCH: PA Says Killing Palestinian Children was Birthday Wish of Former Israeli PM

Former Israeli PM Ariel Sharon (AP/Oded Balilty, File)

PA television claims former PM Ariel Sharon wanted to celebrate his birthday by blowing out 10 candles, representing 10 Palestinian children.

Renowned Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov taught, “Your fellow is your mirror. If your own face is clean, the image you perceive will also be flawless. But should you look upon your fellow man and see a blemish, it is your own imperfection that you are encountering.”

This teaching is particularly appropriate for Imad Hamato, professor of Quranic Studies at the University of Palestine in Gaza and host of a weekly PA TV program on Islam, who claims former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon celebrated his birthday by blowing out 10 candles, representing 10 Palestinian children.

While collecting his paycheck from a regime that funds terror attacks targeting children, Hamato turns the truth on its head to claim that Israeli leaders are the ones targeting children.

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