Christy Anastas, in a powerful video released last month, eloquently describes the terror that she and her family endured in Bethlehem under Palestinian Authority rule.  

Now in England, Christy Anastas, a native of Bethlehem, has decided to speak out against abuse of Christians under PA rule, despite threats against her life.

Following are just a few points that she makes:

“Recently, my government, the Palestinian Authority, gave $74 million to Palestinian ‘martyrs’ [terrorists]. Isn’t that perpetuating violence?”

“Israel doesn’t threaten others for sharing their views. The Palestinians do.”

“Moslems have how many countries? Christians have many countries. Why can’t the Jews have one country?”

“If you were to ask me a simple question now: ‘If you were the prime minister of Israel, would you put that wall up?’ My answer would be ‘Yes.'” 

Watch the video below to learn about the true “occupation” in the Palestinian territories, where Christians yearn for the days before the Oslo Accords under Israeli administration.