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‘I feel that she is my sister. Both of us are believers, both of us are religious.’

By United With Israel

Despite their differing backgrounds, a special friendship was formed between two women  – one a haredi Jew and the other an Arab Muslim – who received kidney transplants from the same donor.

Israel’s Channel 12 reported that after 52-year-old Ronen a month and a half ago choked to death while eating, his brothers decided to donate his kidneys.

Ronen’s kidneys were ultimately allocated to two women – Lilach, 46, a haredi woman from Be’er Sheva, and Nama, 50, a Muslim woman from the Bedouin Tarabin tribe, who lives near Rahat. Both women have have been suffering for years from kidney failure and required the assistance of dialysis treatment in order to function.

“Lilach and I understood that we had received kidney transplants from the same donor, and then a bond formed between us. I feel that she is my sister,” Nama said. “Both of us are believers, both of us are religious. When we were hospitalized together in the room, Lilach read Psalms and I read the Koran.”

“A very special connection was formed between us. It’s truly a connecting of worlds,” Lilach added. “We were together during the operation, I called to her and gave her a hug. We have two kidneys from the same person – it is impossible to explain it, it’s a strong connection, a shared fate.”

“Fortunately, I know Arabic – as a girl, I heard my father speaking it at home, so I was able to speak to Nama. We meet at checkups, she sits next to me and kisses me.

“Specifically now, in these days of division in the nation – see how one tiny moment can create a lifelong connection,” Lilach concluded.

According to data from Israel’s health ministry, 656 organ transplants were carried out in Israel in 2022, including 136 kidney transplants.

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