Code Pink at Wailing Wall

Two American Jewish women from the anti-Israel Code Pink organization disturbed prayers at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem supposedly in order to teach Israelis about justice and non-violence.

The Wailing Wall wailed just a little louder on Tuesday when two Jewish American activists from the anti-Israel Code Pink women’s organization—Ariel Gold of Ithaca, NY and Ariel Vegosen of Oakland, CA—unfurled a banner on the holy site that read, “American Jews support BDS,” referring to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement.

Representing the women’s so-called peace organization, Code Pink, the two activists—both carrying the name of an angel, a modern Jewish city in Samaria and a Disney mermaid—proudly expressed their “Jewish opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine” and endorsed “the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement as a non-violent strategy to bring about a just peace in Palestine and Israel.”

Code Pink Gives Anti-Israel Lesson to Schoolchildren

Last September 18, the third-grade classes at the Beverly J. Martin School in Ithaca heard a presentation on “human rights” given by Ariel Gold and Palestinian anti-Israel activist Bassem Tamimi, as well as the local chapter of the anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace. Tamimi sends children – especially his own Pallywood star daughter, to scream at, punch and even bite unsuspecting IDF soldiers and then films their reaction in order to demonstrate the supposed cruelty of the “occupation.”

The Kotel has seen many sad things since that terrible fire in the year 70, saw poet Yehuda Halevi killed by an Arab horseman right by its ancient stones, and it has seen many tears and felt millions of hopes, in the form of notes to God that were tucked in its crevices. And now it witnessed two Jewish women who came over just to teach Israelis about justice and non-violence:

“At this moment of escalated violence in Palestine and Israel, we are here at the Kotel to pray for an end to the occupation, the root cause of the violence.… We support Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions as a non-violent strategy to bring about a just peace and full equality for all people in ‘Palestine’ and Israel. We call on all people to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people and boycott Israel until Palestinians have equal rights and occupied lands are returned by Israel,” the Code Pink statement read.

During their visit, while helping Palestinian farmers with their olive harvest, the two Ariels claimed to have “experienced major restrictions on Palestinian freedom of movement … and numerous human rights abuses against Palestinians.”

Focus on Israel, Not Syria

Incidentally, Code Pink is involved in campaigns to bring peace elsewhere in the region, although their message is somewhat more abbreviated on those. For instance, their message regarding the civil war in Syria does not involve tales of helping downtrodden Syrian farmers with the olive harvest. It merely states: “Code Pink and a coalition of women’s groups launched Women Lead to Peace, a global alliance of women and male allies calling for an immediate ceasefire in Syria, an embargo on arms sales, greater humanitarian aid for the refugees and displaced, and the full participation of women at the peace negotiations.”

By: JNi.Media and United with Israel

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