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Iron Dome

Anticipating a possible regional escalation, the IDF is deploying its defense systems in the north. 

The IDF recently deployed Iron Dome anti-rocket defense systems on the border with Lebanon in preparation for a possible attack by the Iran-backed Hezbollah terror organization, Fox News reports.

Israel fears that the recently signed nuclear agreement between Iran and the P5+1 powers will infuse billions of dollars into the Islamic Republic’s global terror network, enhancing violence in the region and threatening Israel.

In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Col. Yoni Marom, commander of Israel’s Active Defense Air Wing, said that the military drills and deployment of defensive systems were not a direct reaction to recent events. He explained, however, that Hezbollah and other terror organizations close to Israel’s borders presented a potentially heightened threat.

The IDF is preparing for threats from the north similar to those it contended with from Gaza during Operation Protective Edge. “Now, we are dealing with the challenges and scenarios that we think the enemies from the north will bring,” Marom said.

Hezbollah already has some 100,000 rockets, at least 10 times the firepower and far more sophisticated technology than that available to Hamas in Gaza last summer. Its massive arsenal is directed at Israel, and most of the missiles are supplied by Iran.

This defensive deployment also comes in the wake of a reported Israel Air Force (IAF) strike in Syria on Wednesday. Several Hezbollah terrorists or pro-Assad operatives were reportedly killed in the attack.

Regarding an imminent terror attack on Israel’s northern border, Marom is “philosophical” about his responsibilities.

“As a military commander I cannot deal with their intentions,” he told Fox News. “They can do whatever they choose to do, and I, as a defender, need to be ready for that. I cannot control his mind, but I can defend my country and defend our sovereignty.”

By: United with Israel Staff

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