(Shin Bet)
Hasan Biari and Muhammad Halawa

Two men were arrested after Israeli security discovered they had been spying for Hamas.

By United with Israel Staff

Two men were arrested on November 29 after being exposed as spies for the Hamas terrorist organization, Israel’s Security Agency (Shin Bet) revealed on Thursday.

The spies were identified as Hassin Biari, 30, an Arab Israeli resident of Jaffa, and Mahmoud Ahmad, 33, from the Gaza Strip. Investigations by the Shin Bet, together with the Israel Police, led to their arrest. Mahmad Halawa, a known Hamas operative based in Gaza, was named as their handler..

The men were recruited by Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, because of their ability to move freely within Israel. Biari, an Arab citizen of Israel, is a resident of Jaffa, and Ahmad had a valid work permit in the country.

According to the investigation, Ahmad, who was recruited in 2019, was instructed to gather information about the deployment of Iron Dome defense systems. He also photographed IDF soldiers at Ashkelon Central Station.

Biari collected information on IDF bases, soldiers and the Iron Dome while riding an electric bicyle, disguised as an employee of a food delivery company, TPS reported. He was also instructed to incite terrorism among Gazans in close proximity to the border with Israel.

“Investigations carried out over the past two years into Hamas espionage infrastructure again reveal the fact that Hamas is using the border crossings to promote terrorist activity in Israel and causes civilians to endanger their families in Israel and the Gaza Strip,” a source familiar with the investigation said, according to Israel Hayom.

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