“We’ll divest Israel of its Jewishness and Zionism,” Arab-Israeli lawmaker Heba Yazbak recently vowed.

By United with Israel Staff

Heba Yazbak, a lawmaker in the Israeli parliament from the Arab Joint List faction, openly admitted that she seeks to eliminate Israel’s Jewish character and Zionist values.

Yazbak’s party garnered 15 seats in Israel’s March elections, the nation’s third electoral contest within a year. She posted videos of two interviews on March 13 on her Arabic Facebook page with the header, “The Joint List … will cleanse [Israel] for the benefit of our people.”

Yazbak said in one interview that her party seeks to¬† “fight Zionism,” Arutz Sheva reported

In the second interview, she said, “[Our] plan opposes and fights the country’s Zionism and prides itself [in] divesting the country of its Jewish and Zionist existence and at the same time preserves our national identity.”

It’s unclear to which “identity” Yazbak was referring.

Before the March 2020 elections, several parties sought to ban Yazbak from running for elected office under a law that forbids candidates who have openly supported armed conflict against the country.

Yazbak showed support for terrorist Samir Kuntar, calling him a “martyr” on her Facebook page. Kuntar murdered in cold blood members of the Haran family, including the father and a four-year-old girl by crushing her head with the butt of his rifle in the northern Israeli city of Nahariya in 1979. He also murdered a policeman.

Yazbak, born in Nazareth, was raised in a Muslim family and received a degree from the University of Haifa and a master’s from Tel Aviv University.