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Russia Ukraine War

When it comes to brutal, pro-terror regimes, Palestinian, Russian, and Iranian birds-of-a-feather stick together.

By United with Israel Staff

Last week, Palestinian Authority (PA) leader Mahmoud Abbas met with Russian President Vladmir Putin on the sidelines of a summit in Kazakhstan, thanking Moscow for its support.

Abbas told Putin that the he doesn’t trust the current White House administration and “under no circumstances” would the PA “accept that America is the sole party in resolving a problem,” reported JNS.org.

Abbas added that the PA is “happy and satisfied” with Russia’s backing.

The PA leader made the comments just days before Russia unleashed “waves of explosives-laden” Iranian-made “suicide drones” on Ukrainian civilians, according to an Associated Press report, “setting buildings ablaze, tearing a hole in one of them and sending people scurrying for cover or trying to shoot them down in what the president said was Russia’s attempt to terrorize civilians.”

Terrorizing civilians is something Abbas’ regime fully supports, both the population it governs, and Israeli civilians. With regard to Palestinians themselves, the PA uses torture, extra-judicial killings, and detention without due process to brutalize a population that has been deprived of elections for over a decade and a half.

With regard to the PA’s official policy supporting terrorism directed at Israeli civilians, Abbas’ regime spends hundreds of millions of dollars paying Palestinian murderers and the families of terrorists eliminated during their violent attacks.

In July 2022, Israeli’s security cabinet was forced to deduct approximately $176 million from the tax money that Israel collects for the Palestinian Authority because the money was being used for the PA’s pay-for-slay program, which violates international law and the U.S.’ Taylor Force Act.

So, Abbas’ support for Putin’s regime should come as no surprise, with terror seen as a legitimate tactic among the PA establishment.

In addition to their pro-terror positions, the Palestinians and Russia also both operate with the help of the world’s top state sponsor of terror: Iran.

In Russia’s case, Iran appears to be supplying the suicide drones Moscow uses to murder Ukrainians. On the Palestinian side, terror groups such as Islamic Jihad and Hamas receive funds, weapons, and training from Iran.

With Tehran pursuing nuclear weapons and Moscow threatening to use them on Ukraine, the Russia-Iran-Palestinian “axis of evil” should not be underestimated.