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Abdul Latef Al Zayani says Manama is seeking “to continue working on the successful achievements” with Israel, and emphasizes his conviction that Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu believes in peace.

By JNS.org

Bahraini Foreign Minister Abdul Latef Al Zayani said on Sunday that Manama was “truly looking forward” to working with Israeli Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu and his prospective government.

Both Zayani and Netanyahu are signatories to the Abraham Accords, which normalized relations between Bahrain and Israel in September 2020.

Zayani noted that Manama was seeking “to continue working on the successful achievements” with Israel, and emphasized his conviction that Netanyahu believes in peace, according to Israeli media.

President Isaac Herzog on Sunday became the first Israeli head of state to make an official visit to Bahrain, beginning a two-day trip that will include a stop in the United Arab Emirates on Monday.

Herzog was welcomed in Manama by Zayani and Ambassador to Israel Khaled Yousif Al Jalahma, before heading to the Al-Qudaibiya Palace for a meeting with King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa.

“This is a great moment and I am extremely honored to be here in the Kingdom of Bahrain. You are at the forefront of making history in the region, where Jews and Muslims can dwell together, the sons of Abraham, and move forward in peace,” said Herzog.

Herzog gave Al Khalifa a silver mezuzah whose design was inspired by Torah scroll crowns, symbolizing God’s coronation as king.

“We are confident that this visit has an important role in consolidating relations between our two countries and supporting our common aspirations in terms of consolidating peace and sustainable development in the region and the world,” said Al Khalifa.

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