As the video proclaims, “Am Yisrael Chai!: – The Jewish Nation Lives Forever! Known by his stage name “Rav Mo,” Rabbi Moshe Friedman is a rapper and a spoken word artist who has produced music videos with international acclaim. In this inspiring yet humorous music video, Rav Mo celebrates the eternity of the Jewish People,... Read more »

Although the matter is still hotly debated, there is evidence indicating that the Exodus story may have taken place earlier than assumed by many archaeologists.

Did you know that the matzoh-baking preparation for Passover, which falls in the spring, begins as early as October?

As we clean our homes for Passover, also we must search our hearts and our deeds. We must take stock and engage in self-reflection, judging where we can improve.

The Shem Olam Holocaust and Faith Institute announced that a worn-out Hagadah, along with some other Passover items, hidden at the Chelmno Death Camp in Poland has been discovered upon excavations at the site. The Hagadah was evidently badly desecrated by the Nazis, who had burnt it, yet passages related to the search for Hametz and other sections did manage to survive the Nazis persecution, thus demonstrating the endurance of the Jewish faith in the face of those who seek to destroy it.

The Passover Partners project connects you with the heroes of Israel who defend our freedom every day. Send Passover packages and personal greetings to IDF soldiers and their families.

The Egyptians were impressed that the Jews didn’t steal their possessions during the plague of darkness. Those are proven to be honest will always be admired!