Keeping in the spirit of Sukkot, Rebbetzin Tap takes us on a trip to visit some of the strangest sukkahs (booths) ever built in Israel.

The word "Sukkot" means "huts" or "booths", referring to the booth-like structures that Jews are to eat their meals in over the course of the holiday, and preferably to sleep in too!

Jews from Arabic speaking countries have a unique way of celebrating the Jewish holiday of Sukkot. Take an insider's look at the holiday celebrations of Israel's Sephardic Jewish communities.

When you dance in front of God, when you dance in honor of God, and when you dance in honor of the Torah – there are no protocols or formalities. We are all equal.

The holiday of SUKKOT is here! What better way to find out what this holiday is all about than by watching this EXCITING video and becoming educated in a fun and adventurous way!

Throughout our long history, Jews have overcome all sorts of obstacles to observe the mitzvah of sukkah. But perhaps one of the most striking instances is the sukkah built in Mexico City in the year 1603 by a crypto-Jew named Sebastian Rodriguez.

Take a trip to the heart of Israel you'll see the restoration of an ancient tradition of the Jewish People where thousands of people from all nations of the world voyage to Jerusalem to celebrate the Sukkot Festival (Feast of Tabernacles).