An IAF fighter in action. (Photo: shutterstock)

Israel reportedly attacked Syrian military targets on Sunday. While Syria demands sanctions, Israel remains vigilant.

Did the Israeli Air Force (IAF) attack Syrian military targets in mid-day on Sunday? Syrian military officials are charging that Israeli fighters attacked its military installations situated near Damascus, the Syrian capital, and on the border with Lebanon.

Reports indicate that the IAF dropped approximately 10 bombs. Arab sources are reporting that the targets were stockpiles of advanced Russian-made missiles en route from the Syrian Army to Hezbollah, the Shi’ite terror organization operating out of Lebanon. No one was injured in the attack.

The Syrian Foreign Ministry lodged a complaint with the UN Security Council, demanding sanctions against Israel. In a letter dispatched to the UN, the Syrians assert that Israel “does not conceal its terror-supporting policy and its malicious intent against Syria” and therefore should be sanctioned. The Syrians further allege that Israel carried out the attacks in support of the various Muslim terror organizations operating in Syria.

Israel: No Word on Syria Attack

Israel has remained completely silent on the incident. However, IDF Radio is reporting that the army is on high alert, fearing that the Syrians or Hezbollah may try to retaliate. The IDF is closely monitoring Syrian and Lebanese movements to detect any possible threats.

Just hours before the reported attack, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated during a Cabinet meeting that “we are closely monitoring the Middle East and what is happening with open eyes and ears, and a lot is happening. We will stay informed and we will deal with these threats and challenges, which are not taking a time-out.”

Israel Vigilant Amid Threatening Neighbors

Israel has stated repeatedly that it will not allow Hezbollah to acquire advanced weaponry, which would threaten Israel as well as IDF capability to maneuver in Lebanon in the event of a new war.

The IDF attacked a shipment of advanced arms on its way to Hezbollah from Syria last February. In November 2013, Israel allegedly launched a rocket from the sea at a Syrian naval base in Latakia. In 2007 Israel reportedly attacked the Syrian Al-Kibar nuclear facility.

By: United with Israel Staff

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