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noa argamani

Her dying request is to see her precious daughter one last time.

By Vered Weiss

Liora Argamani, the terminally ill mother of Noa Argamani who was abducted from the Nova music festival by Hamas terrorists on October 7th, wrote a letter to President Joe Biden pleading with him to secure her safe return, as reported by CNN.

She wrote to President Biden, “I am terminally ill with Stage 4 brain cancer. All that’s running through my mind before I part ways with my family forever is the chance to hug my daughter, my only child, one last time.”

Liora, who said she was “devastated” by the situation, wrote that since Biden has been “instrumental” in negotiating for previous hostage releases, she is requesting that he do whatever it takes to allow her to see her only daughter again.

“It’s Christmas now, and I would like to request from you, Mr. President, as a present, to see my daughter again before I leave this world,” Liora wrote.

The footage of Noa Argamani (26) being captured by Hamas terrorists, forcibly put on the back of a motorcycle and calling out for her boyfriend Avinatan Or was broadcast repeatedly on major news channels on October 7th and the images quickly became a symbol of the Israeli hostage crisis.

Liora Argamani previously put out a heart-rending video begging to see her daughter one last time.

In the video, she says, “I am Liora Argamani, the mother of Noa, the beautiful girl who was abducted on October 7th by Hamas to Gaza. I am now sick with cancer – brain cancer. I do not know how much time I have left.”

She added a message to her daughter, “Noa, I want to tell you, if I don’t see you, know that I love you the most. We did everything to get you out quickly. The entire world loves you.”

To further add to the tragedy is an NBC report that Hamas may not have abducted Noa Aramani, but she might have been taken by civilians who joined in the October 7th massacre.

Although only speculation, the claim that Noa Argamani may not be in the hands of other groups in Gaza is consistent with Hamas statements that they don’t know the location of all of the hostages.

If true, this would further complicate the location and release of additional hostages like Noa, since negotiations for their release are through Hamas.