Why would a CNN piece suggesting Israel intentionally killed a journalist feature testimony from a PA official who praised terrorists who murdered Israeli civilians in cold blood?

The headline of a recent CNN piece on the death of Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh during a shootout between Palestinian terrorists and the IDF in Jenin features a quote accusing Israelis of “shooting directly at the journalists.”

This shocking allegation levied against Israeli forces has not been supported by any concrete evidence and was categorically denied by the IDF, which called the accusation “devoid of any basis.”

What is perhaps even more shocking than the quote itself is the source that CNN relied on: a Palestinian politician named Jamal Al-Huwail who is a member of Fatah’s Revolutionary Council. Al-Hawail’s comments about two horrific attacks by Palestinian terrorists should leave no doubt about his opinion of the value of human life.

Why would CNN quote an individual who made comments like this in an ostensibly objective report about the death of a reporter?