Fire kite Hamas

After enduring close to four months of relentless airborne arson attacks launched by Palestinian terrorists, Israeli farmers in the south will be eligible for loans to help them get back on their feet.

By: United with Israel Staff

Beginning at the end of March, the Hamas terror group organized violent rioting along the Gaza border that has involved infiltration attempts, murder by sniper, and daily airborne arson attacks, using kites, balloons, drones, and even an abused hawk to send incendiary devices into Israel.

Unfortunately, the terror group’s airborne arson operations have scorched thousands of acres of Israeli territory, destroying farms, decimating nature preserves, and killing wildlife.

In total, the arson attacks have caused millions of dollars in damage, with the total number of fires stared estimated at over 1,000.

Israeli farmers have been hit hard by the tactic, watching their crops go up in flames as they struggle to protect their families.

In response, the Jewish Agency has reportedly allocated funds to grant loans to businesses harmed by the balloon and kite terror, in addition to those affected by Hamas’ conventional weapon of choice, rockets.

According to a report by Ynet, the agency will extend the loans via expedited procedures to ensure that small and medium businesses near the Gaza border get the relief they need.

Specifically, the loans are intended to assist business in communities whose security has been threatened by arson and rocket attacks.

The source of the financial aid is the Ness Foundation, which is funded by the Jewish Federation of Greater MetroWest and Miami’s Jewish community, reported Ynet.