Analysts say the project could boost diplomacy and prosperity in the region, helping Israel become a major trade and innovation hub.

A groundbreaking initiative was unveiled at the G20 Summit, heralding a colossal port and rail project set to connect India to Europe through the heart of the Middle East.

Esteemed peace activist and distinguished expert in Arab-Israeli relations, Loay Alshareef, and the renowned scholar Dr. Efraim Chalamish have come together to engage in a crucial dialogue about the far-reaching implications of this ambitious venture, shedding light on its potential to foster economic cooperation and regional stability in the Middle East.

Through insightful discussions and collaboration, they aim to emphasize how this project could serve as a catalyst for enhanced diplomatic relations and prosperity in the region, including the potential for Israel to further solidify its role as a hub for trade and innovation at the crossroads of continents.