The University of Texas at Austin disclaimed any association with a professor who called for genocide to wipe out 9 million Israelis by bombing the Jewish state “until the sand turns to glass.”

By Yakir Benzion, United With Israel

A part-time professor who called for the total annihilation of Israel has been kicked out of a respected Texas university.

In an anti-Israel rampage on social media, Spencer Wells tweeted that Israel should be bombed “until the sand turns to glass,” The Algemeiner reported.

Although that specific tweet was subsequently deleted, two months ago Wells tweeted “Israel is going to be crushed beneath a giant Persian boot, funded by all of the enemies your government and the U.S. have cultivated in the region over the years.”

“When the U.S. goes down, all bets are off. Without U.S. backing, Iran will unleash all sorts of mischief in the Levant, backed by China, Russia and KSA. Israel’s days as a regional superpower are numbered, and geopolitics change rapidly,” Wells tweeted.

Wells proposed that “everyone pull their military forces out of the Middle East for 6 months and let Iran and Israel settle their issues once and for all. Whoever has more than radioactive rubble left at the end wins,” adding that he thought the result would be that “Israel is a nuclear wasteland.”

The University of Texas at Austin severed its ties with Wells.

“Spencer Wells is no longer a faculty or advisory council member at UT,” the university said on its official Twitter account last week. “He previously had a courtesy, unpaid appointment as a part-time adjunct that did not involve teaching. That ended in May and was not renewed. We do not have any association with the views held by Mr. Wells.”

Wells tried to defend his anti-Israel hatred by claiming, “I don’t have a problem with the Jewish religion at all. I have a problem with the vicious Apartheid practiced by the fascist government of Israel.”

However, Wells didn’t say why he wanted the genocidal bombing of Israel into total annihilation – the stated goal of Iran – which would result in the deaths of 9.2 million Israelis.

Wells, who calls himself a population geneticist, fled the U.S. in March and says he is “holed up a remote eastern Indonesian island.”

Wells was previously associated with the National Geographic Society, launching its Genographic Project in 2005.