(Rabbi Boteach)
pro-israel demonstration campus

Georgia State University’s student government dismisses demands from campus groups to boycott Israel.


The student government association at Georgia State University (SGA) has rejected demands from student groups to enact BDS on campus, including issuing an apology for participation in an organized free trip to Israel over winter break.

Protesters, some representing chartered groups such as Faces for Feminism and Panthers for Black Feminism, gave a wish list allaying their opposition to four SGA members for going on a complimentary trip organized by Maccabee Task Force, which combats BDS efforts on college campuses.

Other demands included the passage of a pro-BDS bill that “works to end international support for Israel’s oppression of Palestinians,” in addition to the resignation of the SGA executive board.

Rejecting these requests, the SGA cited Georgia Senate Bill 327 as a reason why a BDS bill cannot be passed. The law, which took effect in July 2016, prohibits the state from entering into contracts with firms that boycott or plan to boycott Israel.

As a state school, the university is subject to the measure.

“The decision in regard to actionable BDS legislation either supporting or disagreeing will be determined by to the Board of Regents and our state legislators,” stated a press release from office of the SGA president.