BDS Germany

Neo-Nazi parties are supporting Palestinian and Hezbollah terrorism, as well as BDS.

By United with Israel Staff

The German neo-Nazi parties The Third Way and the Green Party are celebrating the European Union’s (EU) decision to not allow Israeli products made in Judea, Samaria, parts of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights to bear a “Made in Israel” label.

The ruling ignores the more-than-200 countries involved with territorial disputes worldwide. The only country discriminated against by enforcement of “political” labels is Israel.

The EU first issued the label law in 2015. Following a lawsuit initated by Psagot Winery in Samaria in 2017, with the support of The Lawfare Project, claiming that the law is not binding as well as discriminatory, the European Court of Justice recently deemed that the label requirement is binding.

However, the law was clarified in such a way that might actually benefit Israel. It law no longer requires the derogatory label “Made in an Israeli Colony” but rather anything that would distinguish that a product was not made by a Palestinian Arab. Thus, “Made by Jews in their Historical Homeland” would be permitted.

The Third Way website “has been calling for years to boycott all products from the terrorist state of Israel,” according to The Jerusalem Post. It also added a link to a 2014 article titled, “Israel Boycott: What anyone can do against Zionist genocide.”

Following an investigation by the Post in November, it was reported that “bank accounts and online payment services for organizations that support Palestinian and Hezbollah terrorism, as well as BDS, caused The Third Way to pull the plug on its online fundraising this year.” Additionally, the organization’s website boasts meeting with extremists from the Syrian Social Nationalist Party in Lebanon and representatives of the Bashar Assad regime in Syria.

The neo-Nazi organization also published a report in April on a visit to Lebanon to champion Hezbollah’s war against Israel, according to the Post.

“The Third Way’s slogan ‘Boycott Products from Israel’… betrays significant parallels to the anti-Jewish agitation of the National Socialists,” noted the intelligence agency for the German state of Rhineland-Palatinate in 2018.

German intelligence officials in the state of Baden Württemberg wrote in a 2018 report that propaganda from The Third Way calling to boycott Israeli products “roughly recalls similar measures against German Jews by the National Socialists, for example, on April 1, 1933 (the slogan: ‘Germans! Defend yourselves! Don’t buy from Jews!’),” the Post reported.

The Third Way also taught consumers how to boycott Israeli products, noting that if a bar-code has the number 729, it was made in Israel.

Therefore, those who love Israel and want to boycott BDS activists should seek out items that have 729 in the barcode.

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