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Israel and the UAE ranked highest among Middle East countries, with both remaining in the top 10 from last year’s survey.

By: United with Israel Staff

Israel is among the world’s six leading countries in health care efficiency, according to Bloomberg‘s latest Health Care Efficiency Index, Israel’s Globes reported last week. Israel jumped one place compared to last year’s rankings.

The index ranks countries with an average life expectancy of at least 70 years, GDP per-capita exceeding $5,000 and a minimum population of five million.

The five countries ahead of Israel in health care efficiency are Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Italy, and South Korea. At the bottom of the list are Bulgaria, the US, Azerbaijan, Russia, Serbia, and Brazil.

Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ranked highest among Middle East economies, with both remaining in the top 10 from last year’s survey.

The Bloomberg index has three components, each of which is assigned a different weight: life expectancy (60%), national per capita health care spending as a proportion of GDP (30%), and per capita spending on health in dollars (10%).

Israel’s weighted rating is 67, while Hong Kong tops the list with 87.3.

Israel’s life expectancy of 82.5 is among the world’s highest.

Israel has a relatively small, concentrated and digitized health system. Israel plans to use this concentration to unify the system and create a voluntary data bank that will draw researchers and industry from around the world.


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